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Why should you hire a makeup artist?

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

It’s 2010 and I’m sitting in a makeup artist’s chair getting all glammed up by one of the local Los Angeles makeup artists . The photo shoot is taken by Fred Greissing at Jimmy Kimmel Studio. I remember that feeling of the professional makeup artist doing my makeup for a change felt amazing, luxurious, and made me just felt like a real princess! It was a special day and occasion. And so I thought to myself , if every woman could feel like that on their special occasion , that day would be a special memory that they would take with them for the rest of their life.

Naturally I find pleasure giving women that feeling of being a “princess” on their special day. Giving them that luxurious experience by providing all the best makeup brands, sanitized products, time manner service , asking the right questions about their allergies,likes/dislikes and what they want to achieve are all a must of a professional makeup service.

Just imagine having someone take your photo, but you had to go through the trouble of getting your own hair and makeup done of the day of your photo shoot. Say its your wedding day. You want to do nothing but relax and get pampered. This is a very special day and you must feel like a queen.

I remember going to photo shoots and doing my own hair and makeup , and it was never as fun as getting pampered by the professionals. The amount of stress of trying to figure out what look to go with on that special day is never fun, so that then when the professional makeup artist comes in handy. She will make you look as beautiful and natural as you wish and desire. Unless you are going with Halloween look and going for that chucky bride look well than that’s a whole different vibe!

Either way both are good to have that makeup lady on your side!

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