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THE LEGEND of makeup!

In the past decade there had been a great deal of a primer revolution.

I remember when I was much younger, and I would explore ‘makeup ‘ at nearby drug stores. Then there it was – the big secret reveal of the makeup world – the one and only – PRIMER. When the cosmetician explained to me all the benefits that primer does, I couldn’t contain myself with the excitement of trying it on myself. Back then I remember my first primer was by Smashbox the “photo finish”- the good ol’ G of them all, which is still one of the best primers out there.

But for those who actually don’t know what primers do and are interested in some Q&A, here is how I can simply explain what primers do (and yes there is a small list):

  • blurs the fine lines

  • fills in the pores

  • locks in the makeup for a much longer period of time

  • corrects the red skin tone

  • hydrates the skin

  • evens the skin tone

  • radiant, illuminating skin

I definitely recommend you checking it out!

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