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Updated: Jul 18, 2021

Whenever I am in a rush or simply don't want to spend too much time on makeup, I set a quick 10-minute routine for my makeup.

If I’m doing makeup in the morning, I sit by my window to get the natural light. This is where I match in the best possible way the perfect foundation colour for my skin. (Keep in mind that skin gets tanned in the summer, therefore don’t just have one foundation colour but at least 3 different shades). So, for my ten-minute makeup routine I start off with concealer - I place it underneath my eyes around my lip area and a little bit on my nose.

Then I use matte face powder all over my face, to contour my face, I use any powder that has a shade darker than my regular powder. my next step for my face is blush, I like to use it in cream version, it gives that nice youthful radiant look. As for my eyes I go neutral eye-shadow palette because I can apply it with my fingers instead of blending them with brushes (which adds more time if I were going to use them).

My next step I touch up my eyebrows using eyebrow pencil and follow with eyebrow clear mascara gel and then I finish it off with a long wear mascara.

Lastly, I use any tinted lip balm. And here is my 10-minute routine.

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